Daily Love Message 1/25

Daily Love Message: Time to give your connection a chance. This is saying to stop thinking that it won’t happen if you’re feeling in your heart and getting signs that it’s going to happen. Also, start to work on this connection. Talk to your person more or be more open to where they can talk to you. Sometimes people get so scared to be vulnerable but you have to realize the wall you build up to shield you from hurt, is the same wall that doesn’t let love in. The divine masculine is going to work hard to pull the divine feminine close but DF, you need to open your eyes and let love in. Those in connections, stop letting drama and messy people get into your business. You both are grown and you are capable of working on your connection or do what you need to do to maintain it. Some people like people to be miserable like them so don’t give them the chance. MESSAGE: WORK ON YOUR CONNECTION!


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