Daily Love Message 1/12

Daily Love Message: It's time to open yourself up to love. You have been so worried about what could go wrong with love, you forgot what can go right with it. You have been closing yourself off to love because of the negativity. Even if you are in a relationship, you aren't giving all to your partner because there is a part of yourself you are still holding on to just in case your partner hurts you. No one is perfect and there are going to be some bad times whether you are single or in a relationship, you have to decide if the person is worth the heartache and pain. Now, I'm not tell you to hold on to toxic relationships or connections, but know that people are not going to be perfect as you are not perfect. You are needing to be more open with people, in order for you to see them, you have to let them see you. MESSAGE: BE MORE OPEN TO LOVE!


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