Daily General Message July 22nd

Daily General Message:  Today, you're being asked to let go of control of things and go with the flow.  For some of you, you have been trying to force a certain outcome and to no aveil, it's not working.  Spirit is saying this is because you can't force something to happen.  There are a lot of things in play in order for you to have success.  For some of you, it's calling you to have patience as you can't rush something that you want a good outcome for.  Like loosing weight will take time, building your business up, getting people together for a common goal and so forth.  Growth or making more money takes time.  Learning a new skill  also takes time.  Honor your health and value at this time.  You have been beating your head on a brick wall because you want this to happen and you're upset that it isn't.  There is always a reason why things happen so trust and let go.  MESSAGE:  STOP TRYING TO FORCE THINGS AND GO WITH THE FLOW! CARDS USED:  GODDESS POWER ORACLE BY COLETTE BARON-REID #daily #general #message #Freya #radicalacceptance #power #time #flow #trust #faith #hope #believe #patience #boundaries #abundance #God #spirit #source #angels #universe #guides #tarot #oracle #mysticravenjade

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