Daily General Message 9/8

Daily General Message:  You are working on not holding on to a grudge that you have felt with someone or something.  For some of you, you have held a grudge with someone whether it is family or a friend, and you have been so consumed by it, you haven't be able to move on with your life causing you to neglect your dream.  Spirit is saying don't hold on to that anger.  What happened needed to happen in order for you to see things that either needed to be worked on or let go of.  Grow and heal from this.  For others, you are still thinking about the time you failed and you it's as if you keep thinking in your mind that you are going to fail.  They are saying it's time to let this thinking go.  Yes, we all have our moments where we fall down but then it's time to get right back up and get at it again.  It's your time to shine so don't let the past stop you from getting what you have worked so hard for.  MESSAGE:  IT'S TIME TO HEAL!


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