Daily General Message 9/4

Daily General Message:  Don't let fear stop you from what you need to get done.  For some of you, you are having these great ideas but you're scared you won't succeed or you will fall on your face.  You need to understand that you are so amazing and talented and that thought wouldn't have come to you to do if you were meant to fail.  For some of you, you are trying to build something up as far as getting people together, making a name for yourself etc but you are letting your insecurities get the best of you.  Know that you are truly amazing and that you accomplish and achieve everything that you set out to do.  Start that business, take a leap of faith, work on losing that weight as this is your goal, make that friend that you want!  It's your time to take the world by storm.  Let the world see the real you and your uniqueness.  Also, for some of you, let go fear of change.  Change is here to help us to get out of our comfort zone to achieve greatness.  MESSAGE:  STOP LETTING FEAR STOP YOU FROM YOUR DREAMS


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