Daily General Message 9/29

Daily General Message:  Today is all about trusting your intuition.  Lately you have been second guessing yourself.  Whether that is with someone, a situation or just life but Spirit is saying to cut that out.  They have been giving you signs and clues to help you when it comes to these things but you aren't listening and what's worse, you aren't trusting yourself!  When you get a sense that something is not right, trust that you are being guided not to do it.  Also, if you feel like there is a big opportunity that you need to take, don't question it, jump to it.  This could be Spirit also helping you to get what you were praying for and asking for.  We may not understand it at the time why we are doing it, but then it will all make sense in the end.  MESSAGE:  TRUST YOUR INTUITION TODAY!


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