Daily General Message 9/28

Daily General Message:  They are saying that you can't help someone that doesn't want to be help.  For some of you, you are wanting to help someone that keeps making mistake after mistake.  You are trying to fix problems that they need to fix for themselves.  It's ok to help or want to help someone but when they are constantly depending on you to fix their problems, then that's where you have the issues.  How are they going to grow.  They need to know that they can do whatever they need to do without always depending on someone to help them or get them out of trouble.  We go through these things to grow as a person.  So, today let them try to figure it out because you can't always be there for them.  They need to know that they have the power within themselves to solve things.  MESSAGE:  LET THEM WORK ON IT THEMSELVES.


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