Daily General Message 9/25

Daily General Message:  You have to stop letting things get to you.  Lately, you have been letting the smallest thing get to you.  Ask yourself why?  Does it really hold that much importance to you?  For some of you, you have been so stressed out with things that it making you bite the head of everyone around you.  You may need to take a break from things so you can have a cooler head.  Stop focusing on things you can't change and focus on what you can at this moment, your attitude.  Stop looking for things that can ruin your day and start looking for the things that can make your day go right.  We all have our moments where we want to blow up but you have to learn not to blow your top at things.  Start to learn how to gain control so things don't control you.  MESSAGE:  TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND CALM YOUR NERVES.


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