Daily General Message 9/23

Daily General Message:  Stop overthinking so much.  Everyone has this habit because we want things to go "right" in our life and when it doesn't we start to worry.  We wonder if we are ever going to be successful but instead of thinking about ways to be successful, we start thinking about our downfall of WHY we aren't successful.  Now, is the time to flip that mind set and start focusing on things working out for your good.  Don't try to figure out how everything is going to work out for you but know that IT WILL work out.  Don't overthink why people are not talking to you or not being good friends.  This will cause you to be sad and depressed.  These people will come back and explain themselves to you but for you, all you can do is control yourself so start focusing on what you need to get done.  MESSAGE:  STOP OVERTHINKING!


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