Daily General Message 9/2

Daily General Message:  Expect the unexpected today!  Trust that what is coming to you is coming to you despite the road blocks in your way.  Today is the Full Moon and it's time to let go those old beliefs that you aren't worthy of abundance.  Time to let go of always seeing the bad in things and not the good.  Believe that you will be successful no matter how many obstacles get your way, no matter what naysayers say, no matter what negative thoughts you tell yourself.  You have the power to write your story and it's going to be an amazing one.  This full moon, write down what is holding you back and release it.  Time for you to be successful whether you are trying to do a weight loss goal, starting a new business, believing someone will talk to you again, etc.  You have to always believe in the impossible.  Know that there is always a miracle lurking around, waiting for you!  MESSAGE:  JUST BELIEVE THAT ANY THING IS POSSIBLE!


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