Daily General Message 9/18

Daily General Message:  Stop letting fear hold you back from success.  You are thinking about what if you fail so much that you are manifesting it into your life.  Spirit is saying that you need to change your thinking up.  What is that you want?  Dream it?  Visualize it?  Attach the feeling of worthiness and success with it.  Trust that what you are wanting, you will have.  Yes, you may not see it now but know that it is on it's way to you.  So, stop being scared of it not coming to you.  That you are just "wasting" your time wanting it.  You are so worthy of this but you have to believe it.  You have to know that success is for you.  Yes we stumble some times but we learn from it and we get back up.  You can do this!  I believe in you!  So, when fearful thoughts start to come into your head, start to counteract it but saying positive thoughts.  This is teaching you how to start truly believing in yourself and what your triggers are that cause blocks from your manifestation.  MESSAGE:  STOP LETTING FEAR HOLD YOU BACK FROM YOUR DREAMS/SUCCESS!


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