Daily General Message 9/14

Daily General Message:  Sometimes when things happen to us that aren't positive, we get upset.  We want to scream to the heavens how could they hurt us like that.  Why didn't I get that job that I wanted.  Why did I lose something I thought was valuable.  Spirit is saying today to see the blessing in disappointments and failures.  These events break down things for us such as teaching us that we weren't ready for it and we would've overthink the situation and pushed it away.  Or that this thing would have stressed and worried us more if we had it in our lives.  Trust in the process.  For others, an unseen blessing is coming your way.  This could be money being given to you by someone you did not expect or conversation with someone that you thought you would never hear from again.  As always, be thankful for these things coming to you and trust that you are worthy of them.  MESSAGE:  AN UNSEEN BLESSING IS HEADING YOUR WAY!


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