Daily General Message 9/13

Daily General Message:  You have a decision to make and it's weighing heavily on you.  Spirit is saying that things are going to be ok and it's going to work out in your favor but you need to make a choice.  I know it can be hard when you don't want to regret anything but this is why you have to trust in yourself and if nothing else, ask your friends, family and even your guides for help.  When you are in this energy of indecisiveness, you feel so anxious and you don't know what you want to do and yes it will drive you crazy.  Write down the pros and cons to a situation or even if it's between people, write down the qualities that you like in both if that will help you.  Just know that you can make this decision and don't scared to get it "wrong" because there will be a lesson in whatever you choose.  MESSAGE:  YOU NEED TO MAKE A DECISION.


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