Daily General Message 9/11

Daily General Message:  Today is calling you to not overthink your ideas and goals.  You are wanting to be successful in your venture but you are overthinking your execution of how things should go.  Spirit is saying that you need to get organized.  Start small with your goals as you are trying to take on so much that it makes you nervous and anxious over things.  You are needing to first take a deep breath and trust things aren't as bad or that you can get things done in the time you have set it.  Again, structure yourself and you will see how things will become easier for you.  Plus, you are needing to stop overthinking about a personal situation in your life.  This person will contact you when it is time to contact you.  Don't put your energy so much into this as you aren't being able to get things done.  When you overthink, you are creating blocks to what you want so stop it!  MESSAGE:  STOP OVERTHINKING THINGS!


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