Daily General Message 8/31

Daily General Message:  A friend is coming to help you today!  For some of you, you are needing help on how to make an idea pop or flow and this person ideas to do just that.  Hear them out today.  Also, there is someone that can help you when it comes to your dreams and desires by speaking to someone that they know or networking.  Be open to what help someone can bring to you today.  For others, there are people talking about your behind your back that you don't know about but someone is speaking up for you.  They may or may not tell you what is going on but know that this person is a loyal friend and doing everything to stick up for you.  The reason they don't tell you is they don't want you to deal with the drama and focus on other things you got going on in your life but just know that they got your back.  MESSAGE:  A FRIEND IS GOING TO HELP YOU TODAY!


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