Daily General Message 8/27

Daily General Message:  Changes are coming for you and I hope that you are ready.  For some of you, you have been putting in the work and now you will see that your world is changing for the better.  Those seeds are now showing you that it's your time to shine.  They are saying to not let fear get to you because of how things are changing.  Sometimes change can be scary but they are saying you asked for this change even though you are scared of it.  You asked for fame, you asked for more people to come in your life, you asked for this recognition and so forth so know that it's all good.  If your attitude had been sad or lonely, or things had been going in a negative pattern in your life, things will start to shift because your mindset is starting to shift.  It's time for you to start waking up and being thankful for what you have and when you start to express gratitude for what you have, you will attract more things to you.  MESSAGE:  ARE YOU READY FOR CHANGE?


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