Daily General Message 8/19

Daily General Message: Stop holding back what you need to say because you’re scared of the consequences. For some of you, you’re scared to speak your truth because you think it will hurt someone’s feelings. Spirit is saying it’s the way you say your truth. You can still speak your truth and not have it trying to break someone’s soul. There are things that need to be said and the more you sit and wait, the more miserable that you are. Spirit is saying now is the time for you to be free. For some of you, you are needing to open your heart and tell someone how you are feeling or what you are wanting to see out of the connection (only do this if you are felt moved to). Others are needing to say what it is that you are wanting when it comes to redecorating a house, doing something that is going to affect you. Don’t let someone have a say so over your stuff if you don’t want it that way. MESSAGE: NOW IS THE TIME TO SPEAK YOUR TRUTH!


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