Daily General Message 8/18

Daily General Message: Two cards came out today but they both go together so well. You have been feeling like you have had to do things all by yourself. Spirit is saying you are not alone and there is help around you at this time. You just have to ASK for help. Closed mouths don't get fed and so you need to speak up. This is including asking GOD and your divine team for help. Also, you need to know that Spirit has a plan for your life at this time. You may be wondering why things are happening a certain way and sometimes it's to make us move, think more, strengthen ourselves and so forth but you need to know that there is ALWAYS a reason and plan for things to happen. We may not like it but you will see that it was to help put you on the right and better path. MESSAGE: TRUST SPIRIT HAS A PLAN AND YOU ARE NEVER ALONE!


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