Daily General Message 7/14

Daily General Message: Don't let your past hold you back. That message should be simple enough right? Don't let what was done to you hold you back from the amazing journey you could have. This could be venturing into a new relationship, starting a new business, getting to work on fitness or any goals for that matter. We are so scared to start things because of how something ended or someone treated them. Stop comparing your past that didn't work out. Know that it was a lesson yes mostly to make you cautious but for a lot of you, it was to teach you to know your worth and that you deserve more than what you are getting. You need to know that all that you have gone through is preparing you for what you asked for. It didn't say not to move forward but to keep going and not let anything hold you back. MESSAGE: DON'T LET YOUR PAST HOLD YOU BACK.


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