Daily General Message 7/1

Daily General Message: Just because something didn't work out the way you wanted it, doesn't mean that there is something better coming along. So, many times we look at what has gone wrong instead of changing our perspective that maybe that wasn't for us and we are getting something way better. Today, you are being asked to look at what can go right in your life and not what is wrong at this time. Everything happens for a reason and there are things were we wished we wanted, we didn't get it and were upset and then later we realize that it wasn't for us and we are thankful we didn't get it. Sometimes these lessons make us choose other paths that are more fulfilling to us. We could literally get something so much better than what we thought we wanted. MESSAGE: JUST BECAUSE YOU DIDN"T GET WHAT YOU WANT DOESN'T MEAN SOMETHING BETTER ISN'T WAITING.

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