Daily General Message 6/4

Daily General Message: You need to know your worth! A lot of you out there are letting people take advantage of you when you are worth so much more. There are some of you that are just settling for a person, job or situation just because you feel like that is what you deserve. Spirit is saying it’s time for you to wake up. You are so much more than what you are thinking at this moment. You are a King/Queen and you need to start acting like it. Lol, I’m not saying to be snooty or anything like that but know that you bring so much to a table that people steal from it and then have the nerve to say you aren’t giving enough. So, today know that you don’t need to settle because you are lonely. You don’t need to settle because of where you’re at now. That’s how we grow and when we grow, we level up! MESSAGE: YOU BETTER KNOW YOUR WORTH AND NOT SETTLE!


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