Daily General Message 6/3

Daily General Message: STOP PROCRASTINATING!!!! Some of you are getting distracted from your dreams and goals and Spirit is here to say GET A MOVE ON IT. There is something you are trying to work on via business, weightloss goals, projects, etc that you are throwing off at the waist side. Some say that the reason we procrastinate is because we are scared of achieving a goal or failing at it. We rather not do it and not know if we failed or achieve, then to do something and possibly fail at it. You have to know that a lot of times those that are truly successful has failed dozens of times. Just know that a lot of you may have a million dollar idea and you’re sitting on to it because you’re scared to fail. Start trusting that the universe has your back and you will succeed. MESSAGE: TIME TO GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND GET TO WORK ON YOUR DREAMS!


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