Daily General Message 6/29

Daily General Message: You have done all you can in a situation, so it's time to let go and surrender. Worrying about the outcome is not going to make it go any faster. It will only slow down the manifestation process. The divine is needing you to trust that they are working the situation out in the background for you. A lot of you have put in the work on a business and you keep pushing yourself when you need to take a step back. You don't want to work yourself to hard. Yes, hard work does strive to success but being burnt out is not going to help you enjoy it. For you trying to reach out to someone, you've already said all the words you need to say, let them come to you. You've prayed for protection and help, have faith and trust that the divine has heard you and is working every little detail out for you. MESSAGE: RELEASE AND SURRENDER


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