Daily General Message 6/28

Daily General Message: Someone is doing something sneaky around you so be prepared. For some of you, there is someone that is watching you and copying what you are doing because they feel that it will help benefit them. Now, you can get upset about it but in the long run, those people are going to get their karma. Now, we all do the same thing in a nutshell but what you do can be unique to you and this is why it's important to be careful who you let into your circle. For others, I'm actually feeling today you are going to have be sly as a fox to get what you want today. There is going to be an opportunity for you to gain something but not without a little finesse. Know that you are smart enough to get it and not let anyone play you like a fool. MESSAGE: SOMEONE IS WATCHING YOU SO YOU HAVE TO BE SMARTER THAN THEM.

CARDS USED: GILDED REVERIE LENORMAND BY CIRO MARCHETTIE ➡️Does today's reading resonate with you? Let me know in the comments! If you're interested in a personal reading, stay connected with social media, giveaway or donate towards future content, click here Thank you for the love and support. *** PLEASE LOVE AND SHARE! ***

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