Daily General Message 6/10

Daily General Message: It’s time for you to let go of your fear of intimacy. For some of you, you’re scared to be vulnerable and let others in. You have been praying and asking for love. Now it’s coming into your energy and you’re still holding blocks to truly letting it in. Spirit is saying you need to let down your walls. No, you don’t have to let them all the way down but how can something get in if you’re blocking it? Now, figure out why you are not letting it in and heal that! For some of you, you’re scared to embrace your passions because you feel it will get stale and old and you don’t want to loose the fun you have with what you love doing now. Spirit is saying as long as you acknowledge what you are doing is what you love, it will still be fun. Learn how to give space or take breaks so you don’t get burnt out or ask others how do they not lose interest. Spirit will bring people your way. MESSAGE: LET GO OF THE FEAR OF INTIMACY.


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