Daily General Message 5/3

Daily General Message: Angels are around you at this time to help you navigate through life. Whatever your belief system is, you know that there is a force out there that helps you when you need guidance or to warn you about things that might go wrong. Today you are being asked to trust your intuition and the knowledge that you are being given. For some of you, you have been ignoring your guides and they are trying to save you from something that can take you off your path that you are meant to be on. For others, they are trying to show you opportunities that are around you but that you are scared to take a chance on just because they look hard or you don't think you can do it. Know that you are worthy of all things around you and you have nothing to fear or worry about because you have your guides/angels beside you. MESSAGE: KNOW THAT YOU HAVE YOUR ANGELS/GUIDES AROUND TO HELP YOUAT THIS TIME! Does today's reading resonate with you? Let me know in the comments! If you're interested in a personal reading, stay connected with social media, giveaway or donate towards future content, click here . Thank you for the love and support. PLEASE SHARE! #daily #general #message #support #help #trust #faith #hope #believe #patience #guidance #GOD #Spirit #Source #Angels #universe #guides #tarot #oracle #mysticravenjade

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