Daily General Message 5/20

Daily General Message: You are out of whack and need to get back in balance. A lot of us are feeling pre-mercury retrograde vibes at this moment. A lot of triggers are coming up that we thought that we healed but we haven’t. So, Spirit is saying that you are going to need to start balancing yourself at this time. A lot of us know that we need to ground our emotions, balance our energies, do meditation and all that fun stuff but then the world gets in the way and it’s like what we learned is thrown out of the window. So, when the world feels like it’s going to implode you, take some time out somewhere and get your energy back right. It’s going to be a bit of a struggle but you gotta work on getting them vibes up again. Don’t let this energy knock you on your tail, you got this. MESSAGE: IT’S TIME TO GET IN BALANCE BUT YOU GOT THIS WITH THE HELP OF YOUR GUIDES.


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