Daily General Message 5/18

Daily General Message: Are you mad? GET MAD! Are you sad? GET SAD! Whatever your emotions are, feel them. We get so quick to stop what we are feeling that we store them and it builds up until we are ready to explode. So, honor what you are feeling today. If you want to cuss someone out, LMAO, CUSS THEM OUT IN YOUR HEAD SO YOU DON’T GET FIRED OR SOMETHING. The point here is to feel the emotions, heal from them, as these emotions help us to find what are our triggers. What have we not healed yet and we thought that we did? Once you identify it, go through it and let it all out, let the burden go and see how much better you feel. It’s ok to feel all those things but the key is to NOT stay in that energy for long. Once you do that, it starts to really lower your vibrations and you start to feel weak, tired, anxious, etc. MESSAGE: HONOR YOUR FEELINGS BUT DON’T STAY STUCK IN THEM.


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