Daily General Message 5/11

Daily General Message: There is an unseen blessing coming for you. For some of you, I’m feeling like a financial deal went back but you will see why should be glad you didn’t take it. A lot of times we think that when something doesn’t happen for us, then it’s just bad luck all the while it could be the greatest thing to happen to you. The job you thought you were perfect for and didn’t get could have made you stay away from family and friends and cause you stress. That person that didn’t want you, turn out they were a cheater and a narcissist and you would have been stuck with them and they would have drove you crazy. The business venture that went south was just setting you up for something even bigger and you know how to avoid the pitfalls that you did with the last one. MESSAGE: TRUST THAT YOUR BLESSING IS COMING AFTER FAILURE/DISAPPOINTMENT.


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