Daily General Message 4/8

Daily General Message: Someone is overthinking and it’s clouding their judgement on what to do at this time. A lot of times, if something doesn’t come to us in “our” timing, we start to think that it won’t come. When this starts to happen, you start to overthink and start thinking of scenarios for the reason why it’s not coming. As you already know, we are great manifestors and especially when you attach a type of feeling to what you are trying to manifest and yes fear can manifest. Today, you’re asked to trust in the universe even if you don’t want to. You need to trust that what you want or trying to build is going to happen for you. When you start to feel like things are becoming overwhelming, go for a walk outside and breathe in that good prana! A lot of you need to calm the chatter that is in your head as it is stopping your manifestations. MESSAGE: STOP OVERTHINKING AND START TRUSTING!


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