Daily General Message 4/28

Daily General Message: Congratulations! You are changing into the person you are meant to be. You have been through so much and a lot of it but you have become a lot stronger because of it. Sometimes you have gone through the storm for so long, you don’t see what you have weathered or been through to see that you are still standing. Know that you are going to have all that you have dreamed and worked hard for. Yes, you have had your storms but look how you handled them and for some of us you’re still handling them. You’re not the person you once were. You need to realize how much stronger you are because of the things you have overcome. Know that you are able to discern more as well with your gifts and you’re depending on people less and less but know if you need help, to reach out to others. MESSAGE: YOU ARE TRANSFORMING AND IT’S GOOD!


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