Daily General Message 4/14

Daily General Message: Stay focus on hold on to what it is that you are wanting to manifest or bring into your life. For some of you, you are procrastinating because you feel like your dreams aren’t coming so why keep working on it. Dreams take time. Dreams taking planning. Dreams can sometimes take refiguring it all out to make it work. Still, don’t loose focus on it. You were given this dream for a reason. Even if it’s to build something, work on yourself, have that car that you want, the relationship that you want and so forth, HOLD THE VISION! For some of you, something is coming around April 20th that you worked hard for or what you have been waiting for. So, don’t give up on your dream. Know that you won’t will come and you have worked to dang hard to give up now! MESSAGE: HOLD TO YOUR VISION AND BRING IT INTO FRUITION!


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