Daily General Message 3/9

Daily General Message: You need to know that divine timing is at play when it comes to what you want. A lot of times people want things when they want them not realizing that Spirit is trying to set you up to enjoy what it is that you are trying to manifest. For example, you may way to start a business and getting upset at the road blocks that are happening. What if you started the business and it tanks because the market wasn't ready for you had to offer. You need to know that these blocks that you are having aren't meant to harm you but to make sure that what you are trying to obtain is based on a solid foundation. MESSAGE: TRUST IN DIVINE TIMING. CARDS USED: POWER OF SURRENDER BY JUDITH ORLOFF Does today's reading resonate with you? Let me know in the comments! If you're interested in a personal reading, stay connected with social media, giveaway or donate towards future content, click here . Thank you for the love and support. *** PLEASE LOVE AND SHARE! *** #daily #general #message #surrender #divinetiming #trust #faith #hope #believe #patience #guidance #GOD #Spirit #source #angels #universe #guides #tarot #oracle #mysticravenjade

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