Daily General Message 2/5

Daily General Message: You are going to win in a situation you didn't think you were going to win in. You felt like the scales of justice was not in your favor but you are going to see that they are. A lot of times we need to trust that our divine team is working everything out in the background but we need to have faith and trust that they are going to work out. A lot of times we are so focused on wanting it now, and it not working out, that we give up. Instead of being patient, we just figure it will never come and then we walk away all the while the miracle was coming in it's divine timing. So, know that what you want is coming to you. You have the victory so don't doubt it. Also be patient for the miracle as if you want it now, it might not be the best timing for your manifestation to come. You may not appreciate it or take it for granted. Stay humble as well. MESSAGE: WIN-WIN OUTCOME IS COMING!


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