Daily General Message 12/29

Daily General Message: Today is more confirmation to let unhealthy friendships go. You know when someone is not good for you. You just hold on because for some of you, you have such a good heart and you think this person will change but they show you time and time again that they don't. You can see when people don't hype you up or give you the support you should have. Spirit is saying you are moving into a new year and you don't need that kind of energy around you. You need people that are truly going to love and support you in all you do. I heard you don't need ass kissers but people that are truly down for you and are going to tell you the deal. Like I have Jasmine from @Sistersoffate to tell me when I'm being irrational or she supports me when I have a win in my life. She gives it to me straight no matter what. MESSAGE: LET GO OF TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS.



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