Daily General Message 12/18

Daily General Message: You are worried that something that you have told someone in confidence is going to come out. Spirit is coming to calm your nerves and tell you that everything will be ok. This person can be trusted. You have been through a lot of sadness and trusted the wrong people. So, this makes your anxiety go up when you need to trust someone and overthink if you can confide in them. Let’s be honest, you are always going to need someone to talk to and sometimes it’s hard to do that because not everyone is trust worthy. So, for some of you, you told someone you had feelings for someone and asked them to please keep it a secret. For others, this is talking more about your secret to success. Whatever you told someone, it will be kept close to the chest unless you tell them that you don’t want it to be a secret anymore. You are going to have to learn that everyone is not a snake but trust your intuition if you should tell someone or not. MESSAGE: YOUR SECRET IS SAFE!


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