Daily General Message 12/14

Daily General Message:  You are needing to stay in the present moment today for your manifestation to come true.  If you are worried about it coming true, you are going to build blocks to your manifestation.  The whole point in making this come to past is putting your trust in your divine team to help it come true.  Whether this is to bring love into your life, to bring your business goals and desires into your life,  when you are trying to learn a skill, or so forth, don't stress out how when it's going to come to you, KNOW it's coming to you.  A lot of people are so worried about timing that they start missing the lesson of getting started in the first place.  To trust your divine team to bring it into fruition.  To trust in themselves that they can do the work it takes as well.  Have faith not only in your dreams but in yourself as well.  That you have all the tools it takes for you to reach what it is that you are trying to achieve.  MESSAGE:  BE IN THE PRESENT!


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