Daily General Message 11/8

Daily General Message: Let go of the belief that you aren't worthy of things. That you don't have what you want because you're not beautiful enough, smart enough, etc. You need to know that you are amazing. So many times when things aren't going our way, we revert back to the negative things or thinking negative about why we don't have it. We don't think "OH, maybe it's not the right time for me to have this yet." It's time to take back your power and release those thoughts that are truly holding you back. You are worth so much more and deserve so much more than you give yourself credit for. MESSAGE: RAISE YOURSELF UP, NOT PUT YOURSELF DOWN. CARDS USED: POWER OF SURRENDER BY JUDITH ORLOFF Does today's reading resonate with you? Let me know in the comments! If you're interested in a personal reading, stay connected with social media, giveaway or donate towards future content, click here Thank you for the love and support. *** PLEASE LOVE AND SHARE! *** #daily #general #message #lowselfesteem #value #trust #faith #hope #believe #patience #kindness #GOD #Spirit #Source #angels #Universe #guides #tarot #Oracle #Mysticravenjade

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