Daily General Message 11/5

Daily General Message:  You are being asked to listen today.  For some of you, you are needing to listen to your intuition.  You have been ignoring your gut feeling when it comes to a person or project.  If your feelings are saying to get away from it, then walk away.   If it's telling you to take a leap of faith, then take a leap of faith.  Most people are scared to trust that intuition because they are scared of making a mistake and doing something that has a negative effect on them.  Trust your gut!  Also, I'm hearing that others are needing to listen to what people have to say or talks around them as it can help them makes some decisions in their life.  There could be someone that has a business opportunity for you and need you to hear them out, take the time to do just that as it can be something big for you.  Also, your guides could be trying to guide you to the place that can help you rise.  Listen to them!  MESSAGE:  YOU ARE BEING CALLED TO LISTEN TODAY!


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