Daily General Message 11/3

Daily General Message:  PRAY!  When you are needing to talk to someone and you don't have anyone around you, PRAY!  When you are needing a miracle, PRAY!  When you are broken and just need hope, PRAY!  Today, you are needing to PRAY and truly ask for what it is that you are wanting at this time.  Some of you are worried about your finances and needing a supernatural miracle or something that can help.  Pray and don't limit yourself on how this financial miracle comes to you, just be thankful for it and trust it is coming at the right time.  For others, you are needing to pray for signs if you need to take opportunity to come your way.  Ask your guides and angels to show you if this is the right path for you when you are feeling confused and don't know what to do.  They will lead you down the right path.  If you are feeling alone, PRAY for them to help ease that feeling and feel their loving energy surround you.  MESSAGE:  PRAY FOR WHAT YOU NEED!


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