Daily General Message 11/27

Daily General Message:  Make sure that you aren't over working yourself.  You have been under a lot of stress to make things work out but this is the time you need to pace yourself.  Know that what you are trying to manifest is going to come into fruition but you need to be here to actually enjoy it.  For some of you, this is a call to stop carrying on so much.  Let others help you or else you will get burned out or very irritated and people may not like to be around you because of this.  I keep hearing learn how to ask for help so you don't become overwhelmed with things.  It's not a crime to ask for help and there are people that actually want to help you if you give them the chance to do so.  Remember, you don't want to be so overwhelmed that you miss a detail to your plan or something that you worked for and you beat yourself up over it.  Take your time today and if it's to much.  Let others know and either they can wait or help.  MESSAGE:  DON'T TAKE ON TO MANY THINGS TODAY!


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