Daily General Message 11/23

Daily General Message:  You need to know that your children are safe.  Trust that whatever situation that you are in, things are going to be ok.  For some of you, you have been worried about family bills, or things that could make your children sad.  Just know that you are going to get past the hard times.  For some people, you have been wanting children in your life and Spirit is saying that it's going to happen in divine timing and you need to trust that.  It's hard to have faith when you don't see what's happening but that's why you need to have it!  No one ever said that having faith was going to be easy but trust that it's worth it.  Just know whether these are your blood kids, adoptive kids, fur babies and more, they are all protected today.  Your guides are truly watching over them.  Sending prayers to all those that need this message today! MESSAGE:  YOUR CHILDREN ARE SAFE TODAY!


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