Daily General Message 11/20

Daily General Message:  Today is saying to be careful not to overreact to things.  You are just needing a cool head today and not let someone or a situation get the best of you.  Also, listen to what someone has to say to you and not jump to conclusion or show how angry you are.  For some people, they like to see others riled up or see how mad they can get them.  You are asking to be the bigger person today.  As much as you want to cuss them out, calm down and hear what they have to say.  Don’t let them see you “sweat” or see that you are upset.  This will baffle them and show them that what they say and do, you will keep your cool.   For others, this could be people explain things different than you.  So, be patient with them as they will get to the point eventually of what they are trying to say.  MESSAGE:  KEEP A COOL HEAD TODAY AND LISTEN!


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