Daily General Message 11/19

Daily General Message:  It's time to use your intuition today.  We have been getting a lot of cards lately to trust what you are feeling.  This could me for a lot of us, we are second guessing ourselves and decisions that we are making.  You truly need to be able to trust the inner knowing inside of you if something is good or bad for you.  If you are ready to take a leap of faith and start your own business.  If you feel it's time to start loosing weight.  If this person is going to be good for you or give you grief.  Also, you are needing to make sure that you are meditating to clear your third eye and to become a clear channel for the messages that are coming to you.  Some ways that you can do that would be to use tools such as sage and crystals for your third eye.  Make sure that you are being intuitive with your guides as well so clearing that crown chakra so you can download information from your spiritual team can help as well.   MESSAGE:  YOU ARE NEEDING TO TRUST YOURSELF AND STOP SECOND GUESSING.


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