Daily General Message 11/16/20

Daily General Message:  You are needing to raise your vibrations up so you can attract more of what you want to you.  You are needing to not look at things in negative light.  Yes, bad things do happen to us but try to look at it from what this is teaching me instead of woe is me attitude.  Trust that everything is teaching you something no matter how hard the lesson looks at the time.  You are being called to raise the vibration around you as you are wanting more abundance towards you, not just money but happiness.  You are starting to get things coming to you because you're not focusing on the negative around you.  You are starting to see that life has so much to offer you so it's not the time to doubt that things are coming to you but they are.  And because you are seeing good things and raising your vibrations, more things are coming to you.  MESSAGE:  KEEP THOSE VIBES UP!


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