Daily General Message 11/15

Daily General Message: You are needing to stay strong when it comes to things in your life and not show fear.  Yes, things come and they shake us because we are not used to them or they will create change in our life that we are scared of but know that everything happens for a reason.  Know that you are divinely protected and anything that happens will ultimately lead you to a better place.  Don’t back down from anyone who tries to run over you or try to cause you fear.  They feed off that.  It’s your time to show them your strength.  Also, know that if you are going through strife or heartache, you will be healing.  There is a part of you that is not going down with a fight and because of this, you are going to get through anything that is thrown at you.  MESSAGE:  YOU ARE A WARRIOR, YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS!



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