Daily General Message 11/10

Daily General Message:  There are a lot of choices and opportunities that lay ahead of you at this time.  This can cause confusion because you are scared of making the wrong choice or decision.  Spirit is saying to stop doubting yourself.  You know which path is right for you when you stop overthinking it.  It can be hard because you may be looking at past mistakes that you have made so it clouds your judgement on which way to go.  Ask your angels and guides for help.  Let them show you signs on which way you should go.  For some of you, there are good choices ahead of you but you're scared of being happy or getting what you want because you have decided in your head that you weren't worthy of these things or that good things never come to you.  It's time to get out of that mindset and know that you have worked hard for good things in your life and you are truly worthy of this.  MESSAGE:  DON'T BE SCARED TO MAKE CHOICES AT THIS TIME.


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