Daily General Message 11/04

Daily General Message:  You are going to be feeling inspired to create or do something that makes you happy.  Call in different muses to help you get ideas on how to make something work for you.  For some of you, you are wanting to do something that makes you happy.  You want to create a form of art as you feel a sense of calm when you do so.  This could be painting, dancing, writing and so forth.  Ask them to give you ideas and inspirations to start with.  This could be a possible career change for you as you are wanting to do something that you love and that you get excited about.  You are missing the excitement of things and now things can be in your reach if you just ask for help.  You are meant to do great things so don't let anything stop you because it is truly your time to shine now.   MESSAGE:  CALL IN YOUR MUSES TO GIVE YOU IDEAS!


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