Daily General Message 10/27

Daily General Message:  Time to truly get down to work and make something that is of your own.  For some of you, you're being guided to make something that will help others at this time.  You have an idea in your head and Spirit is saying you're scared to bring in life because you are scared of failing.  Don't entertain those thoughts as your idea could save someone a lot of time, energy and frustration.  For others, I'm hearing to create art as this will help to calm your mind on things.  When we are working on objects, it's almost as if our spirit guides are connecting with us because we aren't thinking of anything else causing our minds to be more open to hear messages given to us.  You could be needing guidance and through working on things, you will get clarity on other situations.  It sounds crazy but it does happen.  Plus, this will make you feel good to actually create or make something with your hands.  Whether it's a paintinsculptureure, music or so forth, you will have that inner peace that you are wanting.  MESSAGE:  WORK WITH YOUR HANDS!


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