Daily General Message 10/22

Daily General Message:  Today's is all about the love of a father.  For some of you, you are needing to get in contact with your father or a father figure in your life.  They can help you with a certain situation that you are going through at this time.  Some of you are needing to forgive your father for something as it is holding you back.  I can honestly say there are things I wish I could've talked to my father about before he passed.  He always said that we would have that talk and we didn't get to have it in this life time.  I knew I wasn't ready for it and I pray one day I will be able to.  It's time to let go of grudges and bad habits associated with not talking to your father or father figure.  Some of you are needing to step up to being a father in someone else's life.    Even if you are a female, help give them the guidance, patience, love and security they are missing out from their own family.  MESSAGE:  FATHERS ARE NEEDING TO COME THROUGH TODAY!


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